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  • Don’t Let Diabetes Take Control

    Lucia shares how Camp Needlepoint helps her overcome challenge of diabetes, and not let it get in her way.


    Lucia: Challenge

    “Like, making a new friend or just people in general… finding out and then they kinda act differently around you cause you have diabetes and they treat you differently and they think its weird.”

    Host: This is take control, prevent and manage diabetes. Made possible by a grant from UCare, health care that starts with you.

    “Hi, my name is Lucia Richardson. I am 12-years old. I have diabetes and I am a camper at Camp Needlepoint.”

    “It was the year after I got diagnosed. I came to camp for the first time. Sounded really fun to be with people who also have diabetes so you don’t have to go to a camp and be the only one checking your blood sugar and doing shots and kinda stand out from everybody and you just blend in. You’re with people that are going through the same things that you are.”

    “I’m a big camper, so this summer, I went out west with my dad and my dog, and we went for a nine day camping trip in the mountains. And, I didn’t let diabetes take control of me, having fun and doing all the things that I wanted to do.

    Take Control. Prevent and manage diabetes is online at take control m-n dot o-r-g. And produced by Ampers. Diverse radio for Minnesota’s communities.



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